Shape Up For Summer in 6 Weeks

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Shape Up For Summer in 6 Weeks - WEEK 1 STRETCH OUT AND WARM UP. Welcome to the Shape Up For Summer in 6 Weeks Series - I've designed this six week plan to take you from now through to the summer holidays where, if you practise all 6 pilates classes every week you will work every part of your body.

Honing and toning every muscle so you will look and feel amazing in your swimming costume on the beach. This 6 week summer shaper will not only get you beach body ready for summer but it will make you fitter, stronger, healthier and as a result happier.

In each class I will show you how to get in shape for summer with each class building on from the previous class. In week 1 we'll stretch out and warm up all of our muscles preparing them thoroughly for the next 5 workouts to come.

If you're not used to doing regular exercise make sure you do the Shape Up For Summer in 6 Weeks WEEK 1 STRETCH OUT AND WARM UP at least 2-3 times before you move onto the next class in the series. The aim of 6 week summer shape up is to build up to doing all six classes in one go and then repeating them each week until you feel like the best version of yourself and you can go and have the most fabulous summer holiday.

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About Julie Hodgson Nutrition

Hi, my name is Julie and I am a Registered Nutritionist, Health coach and Personal Trainer.  I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Physical Activity for Health and Clinical Nutrition and a 4 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.  I work with clients who are struggling to reach their goals of weight loss, increased energy, better wellbeing, managing a specific condition or are suffering annoying symptoms and I offer bespoke wellness packages and 1-2-1 nutritional and lifestyle support, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your concerns and how I can help you improve your health. x

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