I'm Tabitha, Yoga & Pilates Teacher At Tabitha Yoga


Hi I am Tabitha,  Yoga and Pilates teacher and owner of Tabitha Yoga in Derbyshire. I am a person of strength and depth, having experienced highs and lows in life, as we all do. What has made a significant difference to me, is my introduction and subsequent experience with the practice of Yoga over the past 15 years, which has become enhanced and developed through, an interest in and then, qualification in Pilates. Yoga and Pilates have quite literally transformed my life and now through my classes I would like to help transform your life too.


Tabitha Wright, yoga teacher at Tabitha Yoga standing in triangle pose in the countryside


I first started the practice of Yoga at the age of 24 and I remember being in ‘Warrior’ pose, feeling the strength and foundation it provides and knowing intuitively that Yoga was something I must explore and be a part of. Nearly two decades on, marriage, a successful 'first' career and 3 children later I now practice and teach Yoga and Pilates in Derbyshire, having qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2007 and Pilates in 2014.

I find the physicality and depth of connection with core strength enables a renewed and refreshed outlook on life, whether it be some of the big things in life or just some of those daily challenges; this is what I endeavour to bring to you when you become a student of Yoga and Pilates in my classes at Tabitha Yoga Derbyshire. Find out more about how I teach Yoga and Pilates classes in Derbyshire


tabitha yoga class in derbyshire

Yoga And Pilates Classes in Derbyshire

I practice my daily Yoga and Pilates classes in a relaxed and welcoming environment at Tabitha Yoga in Derbyshire and now to suit you wherever you are, live on Zoom and also, online FREE at Tabitha Yoga YouTube too.  My classes suit all levels of ability and build power, strength and flexibility.  Yoga and Pilates provide a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit. Whether you want to address stress, injury, build core strength, or just come for general relaxation and enjoyment my classes at Tabitha Yoga in Derbyshire and online are focused yet fun.  See the class TimeTable