Welcome to Tabitha Yoga. In the pages of this website I hope to share with, teach and inspire you. Firstly may I offer you an invitation to join me on Tabitha Yoga YouTube Channel, where you can take part in all of my FREE yoga and Pilates classes to help you look good and feel great, whenever you want & wherever you are.

As Lockdown is easing I’m really excited to let you know that I can now return to real life classes as of September 7th. I will also be continuing with my live Zoom classes too.  My timetable will be a mix of zoom and real life classes and as the numbers in community rooms are limited, there will be a booking system for all classes. You can see class timetable and book your space in either a Real Life or Zoom class here BOOK A CLASS

However you join me, I hope, most of all, that you can relax, have fun and enjoy the time you spend with me.

What Yoga Is All About For Me
"Yoga isn't about executing the poses perfectly, or having the best balance. It is connecting with yourself. It is like learning to breathe again. It's taking a moment from your stressed, upbeat life and remembering you have a soul that needs tender care too".

"This for me is the very essence of what Yoga is all about".
Yoga And Pilates To Help You Look Good And Feel great

Namaste Tabitha


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Classes And Courses

Yoga Foundation Course Tabitha Yoga

Yoga Foundation Course

For all yogis wishing to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yoga.  The British Wheel Of Yoga foundation course,  10 all day sessions running monthly  Contact Tabitha Yoga To Book Your Place

Guided Meditation Tabitha Yoga

Relaxations And Meditations

Soothe your senses and relax your body from within in a range of guided relaxations and visualisations available whenever you want,  Guided Meditations Relaxations & Visualisations Playlist

Tabitha Yoga Youtube Channel

Welcome To Tabitha Yoga YouTube

Join me on my new Tabitha Yoga YouTube Channel where you can join in with over one hundred and twenty FREE online Yoga & Pilates classes, whenever you want & wherever you are. Go To Tabitha Yoga YouTube Now

Pilates Classes Tabitha Yoga

Tabitha Yoga – Pilates Classes

Gently tone, tighten and strengthen your whole body. Join in Pilates classes live on Zoom Checkout The Class Timetable

Pilates Yoga Fusion Classes Tabitha Yoga

Tabitha Yoga – Yoga Pilates Fusion Classes

Join in challenging, energising and extremely effective Yoga Pilates fusion classes weekly, live on Zoom Checkout The Class Timetable

yoga classes Tabitha Yoga

Tabitha Yoga – Yoga Classes

Practise beautiful, energising. calming and inspiring yoga classes daily, live on Zoom Checkout The Yoga Class Timetable

What My Students Say About Yoga And Pilates Classes With Tabitha Yoga

I have been attending Tabitha’s Pilates classes for over two years now. My posture and flexibility have really improved. I find if I have an ache or a pain when I begin a class, it has disappeared by the end of the session. I have a strong core and my body is more toned and defined than before. Tabitha is friendly and approachable with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I enjoy every class and intend to carry on, as Pilates with Tabitha is now part of my life style.

Julia Taylor – I Have a Strong Core And My Body Is More Toned

I have only recently started Pilates with Tabitha and I can feel the effects of the exercises already. She has in-depth knowledge of areas of the body that need love and attention. I had problems with my hips during pregnancy and after childbirth and this is the first time I have ever been to a class that focusses on, and strengthens my hips. I’ve noticed my derriere is firmer and more lifted which is a bonus! I truly look forward to the relaxation time at the end of the session. Aromatherapy oils fill the room, blinds are pulled down and Tabitha’s caramel voice adds to the relaxing atmosphere. It feels beautifully decadent and I never want it to end.

Eva Long – Feeling The Effects Of Pilates Already

If you haven’t tried Pilates, then you should! I exercise regularly and now try to take a Pilates class once a week. I find it really satisfying going through all the stretches and also enjoy the aspect that you are working your muscles, stability and balance. Tabitha teaches so well, reminding us of our posture and position to get the best from the moves. The class ends with a short session of relaxation, which we all need! I highly recommend Tabitha’s Pilates class for all ages and levels. I just wish I’d done Pilates sooner with Tabitha.

Louise Tait – If You Haven’t Tried Pilates, Then You Should!

“Encouraged by my wife, I reluctantly joined Tabitha’s Yoga classes a few weeks ago and to my amazement I have found them to be fabulous!  I feel so much more flexible and relaxed.  As a tennis player I get quite stiff in the shoulders, but after Tabitha’s Yoga classes the tension has disappeared.  I highly recommend them”

Wayne Lowery – Finally Have Straight Hamstrings


“Tabitha has a way of soothing jangled nerves and busy minds.  Her classes are designed to relax and yet energise.  I always leave her classes feeling new.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and this is reflected in how she leads her classes.”

Ruby Fuller – Feeling New All Over

“I took a short break from Tabitha’s Yoga classes due to work commitments and returned today.  What a lovely warm welcome back I have had from Tabitha.  I go to Tabitha’s classes to help me relax and unwind from the stresses of work and after each session I feel chilled and refreshed.  Anyone wanting to take up yoga will find Tabitha calm and good fun to be around.  I look forward to Tabitha’s yoga class every week.”

Stephen Harvey – A Chilled Builder

“I recently started practising Yoga for the first time in Tabitha’s Yoga classes.  I was amazed.  I’d always, mistakenly, thought Yoga was too floaty light and wouldn’t be for me” but I was wrong.  I felt so energised by Tabitha’s Yoga class, it was a really good work out for my body and it made me feel fabulous.  Tabitha’s relaxation methods are so effective, my mind felt totally clear.  I now attend Tabitha’s Yoga classes regularly and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their fitness as well as their inner self.”

Jackie Lowery – Converted Yogi

“Tabitha is an amazing yoga instructor, the best teacher I’ve had.”   “She is also a kind and caring instructor,  you couldn’t do better anywhere!”

June Briggs – loving my yoga

“Tabitha is really welcoming and engaging – we are all at different standards and she provides options for most positions, so we can choose depending on how we feel. I love Tabitha’s classes – she stretches our bodies, our thinking and our mindfulness – yet they are also deeply relaxing.”

Dave – Calm, Recharged and Energised

“Highly recommend Pilates with Tabitha in her classes at Riverside Fitness Centre, Makeney near Belper. Fab combo of strengthening moves and stretching, it felt great afterwards, I loved it”


Charlotte Marsh – A New Convert

“I started yoga with Tabitha nearly 2years ago ! 

I have since been diagnosed with M.E . I find my regular class not only has helped Immensely, but has made me learn how to spiritually be more connected as an individual ..” 

Thank you Tabitha 

Sharon – Spiritually Connected

“I came to yoga late, having spent many years playing different sports. And I wished I’d found it earlier – it would have helped and improved my other sports enormously”


Mark Spilsbury – Chilled Out Sportsman

“I did not know what to expect when I started Tabitha’s classes last year. I wasn’t sure it would be my kind of thing. How wrong I was! I really enjoy it and always look forward to the classes. My body feels stronger, more supple, and my joints do not ache half as much as they used to. For me it is a great all rounder for both mind and body. Tabitha is a great teacher and puts you at your ease straightaway. Taking up yoga after years of doing high impact exercise has been brilliant for me and I would encourage anyone to give it a go!”

Helen Quigg – Feeling Flexible