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Hi I'm Tabitha Wright and I am the owner of Tabitha Yoga in Derbyshire. I'm also a certified Yoga & Pilates teacher.  If you have any questions about Yoga or Pilates, please don't hesitate to ask me.

You can find out more information about my daily classes in Derbyshire here and you can checkout the new Real Life Class and Zoom Class timetable here, where you can also book your place in the class of your choice.  Anytime you want to join me in my FREE online classes Go To Tabitha Yoga YouTube  Just click on the link here or on any of the pages in my website.

Do you want to become a yoga teacher or just study yoga more?  You can, to find out more about my Yoga Teacher Foundation Training Courses please fill in the contact form and I will come right back to you as quickly as possible.  My contact details are all set out below and I am always available, one way or another.


Tabitha Yoga

Vanessa's School of Dance,

Albert House,

Derwent Street



DE56 1UQ

Phone: 07957387333


Tabitha Wright, yoga teacher at Tabitha Yoga in dancers pose in a tree in the forest