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Self Love, Is February The Time To Focus on Loving Yourself, It Should Be

two hand making the shape of a heart representing self love

How are you today? No really, how are you? Is your life full of self love?

In life we keep on going, we keep on giving, we keep on sharing, consequently we keep on doing, because we want to.  So how much time do we actually spend on ourselves, making sure our “reservoirs” are full? I don’t mean sweating it out in a muscle packed gym with mirrors on every aspect and fifty strangers’ faces looking back at you. I mean time alone, nurturing, comforting, healing and giving your mind time to explore meaning, not just what’s happened. We nurture our relationships with ‘date night’ or we meet chums for coffee or a drink. We sit and cuddle our children and read them stories and we comfort them when they cry.  As a result how much time do you spend allowing YOU to emerge, rather than being crushed by all that stuff in life that is crowding YOU out?

The concept of self love and care is not new. The Hindu sage Patanjali wrote the Yamas, five moral disciplines and restraints to live our life by. Seems like these were sacred values that related to work, play, social interaction and time on the yoga mat. The first of the Yamas was Ahimsa; be gentle to yourself and all creation.

 Daily Affirmations To Rekindle your Self Love

Here are 3 easy steps to re-kindle your self love and to work on the relationship with you –

❤Daily affirmations – Do you ever roll out of bed and take a look at yourself with disbelief and say “Who on earth is this looking back at me?!!!” We repeat so many negative observations about ourselves to ourselves that we begin to believe it. Instead choose a positive affirmation, write it on a post it note and put it on the mirror that you will first look at, or you can

Say out loud – “I appreciate who I am.”

Repeat in your mind –  “I am at peace with myself.”

Tell yourself over and over –  “I deserve to be happy.”

Think and therefore believe  – “I am beautiful.”

Embrace Your New Happy Feelings And Enjoy Being Content With Yourself.

❤Enjoy your own company with 5 minutes meditation because meditation is quiet time with yourself and your thoughts. It’s a time of self love and empowerment, where you sit and care for yourself, reduce tension and negative dialogue. Furthermore, your mind can cover an awful lot of things in 5 minutes both positive and negative.  So we have to remember what Patanjali says in the Yoga Sutras, “When disturbed by disturbing thoughts think of the opposite.” Meditation is a magical way of slowing down your busy mind and focusing. After all a good body scan meditation is a good place to start.

Treat Yourself – Do Something You Love And Savour It

❤Whether it be buying yourself a bunch of flowers or having a relaxing bath. Having a morning walk or curling up with a beautiful book. Whatever it is, do it and do it fully without distraction or guilt (especially without guilt!!). I love all of these things and endeavour to do at least one a day.  After all these activities are the very essence of self love.

Life is tough and you can make it easier by nourishing yourself and ultimately loving who you are. Making sure you include all of your limitations AND your greatness.  So why not start improving your self love by joining me in my online meditations & relaxations.   You can join in any one of my FREE Online Yoga & Pilates Video Classes

Tabitha Wright Yoga Teacher sitting in a love heart shaped frame in her self love article

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