We Can Help You Use Yoga And Pilates To Relieve Breast Cancer Symptoms

young woman with a scarf on her head that looks like a cancer patient holding her arm up in the air in a muscle pose

The Dreaded C Word

The one thing I always want to say to anyone who is suffering from breast cancer is "We can help you to relieve breast cancer symptoms by using yoga and Pilates". How do I know this? because I've been there and done it.

Hi, I'm Jackie and I remember it like it was yesterday. I'd found a lump (probably the best known of all the breast cancer symptoms) in my breast and I was now sitting down with my consultant.  Two weeks before I'd had a mammogram and a biopsy, that had to be sent away to be analysed and I was now going to receive the results.

Although extremely experienced, my consultant seemed a little nervous and spent some time making small talk with me about my holiday.  I noticed and thought it was a little strange but I wasn’t overly anxious.  I’d told myself the lump in my breast was due to hormonal change and was probably nothing, but best to get it checked.

Now I just wanted that to be confirmed so I could get back to my family at home.  Then came the dreaded C word - “I’m sorry but it’s Cancer” he said.

From that moment on my life completely changed in an amazingly fast whirlwind.  Medical treatment began for my breast cancer symptoms, starting with breast surgery, then radiation therapy, and finally with 6 months of chemotherapy.  That, being arguably the most harrowing time of my life and that of my family.

Why Cancer Chose Me?

I have no idea why Cancer chose me.  I was a fit, active woman who ate healthily didn’t smoke, and only occasionally drank alcohol. There was no particular reason that we could pinpoint.  Even though I started from this standpoint the resulting breast surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy left me reeling, feeling weak, incredibly ill, and quite frankly, at times, like I wasn’t going to get through it.

All of these, I have come to learn are common breast cancer symptoms. Thankfully I have a great support network in my husband, family, and friends, and with their love, positive encouragement, and physical help I did get through it.

With A Little Help From My Friends

One of those friends is Tabitha Wright, Yoga & Pilates Teacher and Owner at Tabitha Yoga in Derbyshire. Upon hearing of my diagnosis, she rallied around very quickly to offer me her support to help me.

I shared with her, some of the breast cancer symptoms I was experiencing.  Huge things like the constant anxiety – due to thoughts about my mortality, and nausea – caused by the rounds of chemotherapy every 3 weeks.

I also told her I was suffering from gut inflammation and bloating – caused by the "toxic poison" I was filling my body with. I also shared with her, the overwhelming feeling of sadness – caused by watching the painful stress I was putting my family through daily.

She recommended that I start practicing Yoga because therapeutic activities like yoga can complement cancer-fighting medical treatment to help heal the body, mind, and spirit in the midst of the cancer battle.

Tabitha told me that, what has made a significant difference to her in her life, is her introduction and subsequent experience with the practice of Yoga over the past 20 years. She said, “Yoga and Pilates have quite literally transformed my life and I would like to help you to use yoga and pilates to relieve breast cancer symptoms for you.”

Tabitha Wright and Jackie Lowery practice yoga & pilates relieve breast cancer symptoms

Tabitha Wright – Yoga & Pilates teacher

Tabitha first started the practice of Yoga at the age of 24.   She often recounts the story of being in ‘Warrior’ pose, feeling the strength and foundation it provided, and knowing intuitively that Yoga was something she must explore and be a part of.

Two decades on, marriage, a successful 'first' career, and 3 children later she now practices and teaches Yoga and Pilates in Derbyshire and Online. She trained and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2007 and with Pilates in 2014.

“I find the physicality and depth of connection with core strength enables a renewed and refreshed outlook on life.  It can be some of the big things in life or just some of those daily challenges; this is what I try to bring to my students of Yoga and Pilates in my classes at Tabitha Yoga.”

How Yoga & Pilates Helped To Relieve Breast Cancer Symptoms In The Midst of Treatment

Although I was in the middle of my battle with Cancer, Tabitha designed a yoga class for me that I could do in the comfort of my home.  It was designed to get me moving gently and specifically to ease my digestion and to aid my gut inflammation. She also recorded some relaxation and meditation to calm my anxiety and lift my spirits.

These were a Godsend. I practiced all of them as often as I could, particularly in the good weeks between my rounds of chemotherapy.  They really did help. I felt stronger, less anxious, and much more positive after I’d done a class and a relaxation.  I knew then, Yoga was something that I was going to continue doing all my life, not just to relieve my breast cancer symptoms.

Tabitha Yoga Online Was Born

My Cancer treatment came to an end just before Christmas and I was determined I was going to work on getting better every day until I was fighting fit and healthy again.  I began going to Tabitha’s Studio Yoga and Pilates classes every week.  Working on my physical core strength and stamina and my spiritual being to get me in a much better place in both body and mind  

Over the last few years that has continued and the bond between Tabitha and I has grown even stronger.  So much so that, we teamed up together to bring Tabitha’s classes online so that many more people could enjoy practicing them in their own time and space whatever their situation.  Tabitha Yoga Online was born.



Tabitha Yoga Online -Yoga & Pilates Video Classes

images of Tabitha Yoga Online on different devices

Tabitha Yoga Online is our online video class channel with simple membership plans and pay-as-you-go daily rentals of our growing library of online video Yoga classes, Pilates classes, meditation, and relaxation. Anyone can join our classes in their space, in their time.  When you join Tabitha Yoga Online, not only do you become a part of our growing community, but you get unlimited access to all of these things too:-

  • A growing range of online video yoga classes for beginners through to advanced yogis to choose from.
  • A growing range of online video Pilates classes designed to suit beginners to higher fitness levels to choose from.
  • An extensive range of soothing Online video and audio Relaxation and Meditation to ease away everyday stresses
  • Unlimited access to all Tabitha Yoga Online Yoga and Pilates classes, Meditation, and Relaxation
  • A Guarantee that all Online Classes are always taught by an experienced, certified Yoga and Pilates teacher.
  • An Invitation to join The Tabitha Yoga Community exclusive private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members.

Yoga & Pilates For Anyone Anywhere

We’re very excited about Tabitha Yoga Online as we feel we can open up access to Yoga and Pilates to everyone, no matter what their circumstances.  We are especially hopeful of being able to help people who are going through cancer. People who need help to relieve breast cancer symptoms, or those who have dealt with the medical treatments and are now in recovery.

Tabitha is designing some classes specifically to aid rehabilitation and lift spirits and create a feeling of connection. New classes are being filmed every week

What Are We Doing To Help Cancer Fighters Relieve Breast Cancer Symptoms?

We want to try and tell as many people as possible about Tabitha Yoga Online.  We want to invite everyone who has been touched by Cancer to join now.  This invitation is also extended to all the wonderful husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, and carers of those who are battling Cancer.

We know only too well that this horrible disease affects all of you too.  So we would like to offer all of you the chance to build your strength, calm your anxiety, and lift your spirits too. If this is you. we'd like to offer you a 20% discount on any membership subscription. Please just apply the code FIGHTER at the online checkout.

Join Tabitha Yoga Online And Start Your Journey To Relieve Breast Cancer Symptoms Today

Go to Tabitha Yoga Online now and you can start your journey to relieve breast cancer symptoms right now.  Subscriptions start from just 60 pence per day with our Monthly Recurring Membership and you can try before you buy with our 7-day FREE TRIAL.  Or if you would like to try all the classes for FREE for 14 days then you can choose to subscribe to our Annual Membership  

Whichever membership plan you choose we advise that you start with the beginners' classes   They're a gentle introduction to yoga and Pilates that will allow you to slowly stretch, work your body a little and achieve deep relaxation. They are a great full-body workout, stress relief, and relaxation and they're a wonderful way to devote a little self-care to you when you most need it.

We look forward to helping you use yoga and Pilates to relieve breast cancer symptoms so you can look good and feel great


Tabitha & Jackie

This is a guest blog Written By Jackie Lowery ( Cancer Warrior)