Embracing Change In Your Life This Autumn

woman standing in tree yoga pose on and Autumn day in the countryside

“Click”, I've reset my watch, and the time has changed for winter it makes me think how easy it is to see what is bad about change; the evenings are darker, the weather is getting colder, and we have the whole of winter ahead of us. But without change in your life nothing gets better, nothing grows; no one can fulfill his or her potential without the change that this brings.

Do The Seasons Bring About Change in Your Life?

I tend to enter Autumn in a more reflective state having spent time over the summer doing less teaching and spending more time with my family. It allows me to meditate or just relish the moments we find ourselves in and this gives me space in my head.  My teacher used to say, "Physics doesn’t like vacuums and so into that space come thoughts". What is it about the change of seasons that brings about change in your life? It makes me want to hunt out my place where I work things out (a beach in Wales) to make sense of the world and enable me to focus on what’s next.

“Change in your life is not something that we should fear. Rather it is something that we should welcome, for, without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they are meant to be” - BKS Iyengar

Working out what’s next is one of the ways I develop a positive approach to life.  It gives me focus. It gives me direction and it gives me hope. All the things that are important to me. The other thing it does is makes me feel as though the change in your life is for me, it’s mine and that means change is good. Take some time to reflect on how the change in seasons makes you feel, particularly at this time of year.  Try and draw the positives from these feelings, move forward and you will find change in your life is good for you too.

Why not use this time for change and the development of positive feelings to start your journey to A Healthier Lifestyle