Body Cleansing With a Little Spring Cleaning

fresh fruit and vegetables market stall

Your Body Reflects What You Eat

Body Cleansing – the art of creating a beautiful body and glowing complexion isn’t about applying expensive products on to your skin.  Although advertising would have us believe so.  How we treat our bodies effects how we look and feel. We have no more precious a commodity than our bodies. Surprisingly though we often treat our cars with more TLC. I am a firm believer in feeding my body well, all the time, not just when I am doing a body cleansing routine. If I over do things, have a late night or feel burnt out it shows in my skin and my eyes. It also definitely affects my mood.
It’s obvious really isn’t it? I try and balance out my body cleansing with tasty immune boosting food and plenty of water.

I’m always going to practice yoga, meditate and run.  They are my breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In truth what do I actually feed my body? What should I concentrate on not only when I am body cleansing but on a daily basis? Recent Research suggests that eating at least ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day (no more that two fruit) is more effective in improving health and preventing disease.  So just so you’re clear, it’s no longer 5  a day!

The Dirty Dozen – The cleanest food choices for your Body Cleansing

Here is a list of the cleanest choices for your fruit and veg, it’s known as the dirty dozen and clean fifteen…..
Eat them raw, juice them or make them into smoothies. But as you can see from the list choose your food wisely. A great way of doing this and supporting your local economy is to buy locally or from your local farmers markets.  They all sell a wide variety of Vegetables, fruit, meat and cheese.  Even if they are not organic, you can talk to the source, the grower and find out where your food comes from. You can ask questions like – what was it fed and how long has it been stored. Not to mention that farmers markets are a great morning out, hustle and bustle, beautiful aromas and a cornucopia of delicious foods to try (and give your body a vitamin D boost too)
List of clean and dirty organic foods for body cleansing

Whilst on my last visit to Wales I got talking to my local farmers about their produce.  I asked them where it’s sold and where our food comes from. It so good to hear how passionately these farmers care about producing quality produce for the consumer.  Go and find a farmer or a grower, I hope they are as nice and helpful as these guys.

farmers standing in an organic food farm the grows food good for body cleansing

Detox Your Body With Yoga & Pilates

After all that clean healthy organic eating the next best thing you can do in your body cleansing routine is to give it a good detoxification Yoga or Pilates practice.  I have included one of each in my online video classes at Tabitha Yoga On Demand and right now you can take advantage of a 14 day FREE Trial. Why not join me online and start your body cleansing, Spring cleaning right now and get that beautiful body both inside and out.