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2 Million of you love to get on your bike & go cycling each week, so I've designed Yoga Training For Cyclists to work your whole body, improving your balance, flexibility & increasing your stamina so you can ride without discomfort, injury & for longer. https://youtu.be/98lIulx8JCQ

Anyone for tennis? I've designed this Top Tennis Pilates Training to improve your agility on the courts & really increase the strength behind your serve. A 20 min workout that'll make you stronger, fitter & faster just what you need for Game Set & Match 🎾 https://youtu.be/N1779poa_F0

Why Should You Add Yoga And Pilates In The Workplace https://tabitha-yoga.co.uk/why-should-you-add-yoga-and-pilates-in-the-workplace/

Improve your #parkrun with PILATES TO HELP YOU RUN FASTER - INCREASE RUNNING SPEED & STAMINA. As a runner myself, I’ve designed this free Pilates class to help you run faster for longer. http://youtu.be/dPpPfJgrd0c via @YouTube
#ukrunchat #runningmotivation

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Practise Yoga & Pilates All Over The World

Practise Yoga and Pilates all over the world and take Tabitha Yoga with you. Nowadays we live in a society that is alway on the move. We are short of time and we are all trying to fit in as much as possible, not just at work or at home but also when we are on our travels. Here at Tabitha Yoga we have made things really easy for you to access all our FREE Yoga & Pilates classes and Relaxation Meditations, no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have a wifi connection all you need to do is to go to YouTube search Tabitha Yoga and our entire collection of classes will be with you in an instant. So you can enjoy your practice at your leisure. If you're stuck for some ideas as to where to go for a yoga retreat why not try some of the locations scrolling across the bottom of the screen right now, you never know you might just find your perfect paradise.