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Feeling a little frazzled or overwhelmed or you just need a little time to yourself - A Meditation To Find You Inner Calm will do just that. Relax before you start your day or wind down after. Whichever time suits you, feel all your tensions melt away http://youtu.be/8fYjszNh87g

As a runner, I always practise #yoga as part of my #running training, the benefits for my body, my performance, my speed & my stamina are immense. I've designed Yoga For Runners Get Fitter Get Faster to bring these benefits to you before or after you run http://youtu.be/VDyAVjZqdG0

Want to lose lower belly fat? This short sharp intense focused class will get to work on it fast. Just 10 mins of concentrated work that's so effective I'm doing it daily & I can feel it working already, join me & let's attack that #lowerbellyfat together http://youtu.be/c6Q92ocOqtA

Whether you're a complete beginner, returning after a timeout or a new mum getting back into shape this is the ideal Pilates full body workout for you It'll gently get your whole body working Practise it weekly & you'll feel & see the difference https://youtu.be/P6-cE0x8itY #pilates

I’ve designed Yoga To Fill In The Gaps as a short #yogaclass that you can use to keep you supple and flexible in between your regular classes no matter where you are, so you never have to have that starting over feeling again πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΈπŸ’• https://youtu.be/vEKGb1nUD5Q

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Practise Yoga & Pilates All Over The World

Practise Yoga and Pilates all over the world and take Tabitha Yoga with you. Nowadays we live in a society that is alway on the move. We are short of time and we are all trying to fit in as much as possible, not just at work or at home but also when we are on our travels. Here at Tabitha Yoga we have made things really easy for you to access all our FREE Yoga & Pilates classes and Relaxation Meditations, no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have a wifi connection all you need to do is to go to YouTube search Tabitha Yoga and our entire collection of classes will be with you in an instant. So you can enjoy your practice at your leisure. If you're stuck for some ideas as to where to go for a yoga retreat why not try some of the locations scrolling across the bottom of the screen right now, you never know you might just find your perfect paradise.