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1 hour Premium Classes
one hour full-body yoga / pilates classes with relaxation
1 video
6 week summer shaper cover image showing tabitha yoga stretching
Your 6-Week Summer Shape Up, yoga, and Pilates fusion classes to get you "beach body" ready and looking and feeling your best for your summer holidays
6 videos
A Little Bit Of Magic Affirmations
5 days of affirmations and meditation to help you feel more confident and stronger in your everyday life
5 videos
Tabitha Yoga standing in a yoga pose in a Christmas hat for Pre Christmas Shape Up video class
A cheerful selection of Yoga & Pilates Classes to get you ready for Christmas and any festive celebrations, and get you through any over-indulgence and into the New Year and beyond.
4 videos
woman holding her painful back cover image for Tabitha Yoga best pilates for back pain video
Gentle pilates classes to help ease and strengthen painful or injured areas of the body
3 videos
How To Section Header Image showing Tabitha Yoga standing in a one leg balnce
A selection of videos to get you started with yoga and Pilates showing you how to get into popular poses and some beginners classes too
13 videos
image of lazy river cover for 5 minutes of calm Tabitha Yoga meditation video
Guided meditations, relaxations, and visualisations to help you calm your mind relieve worry and stress and escape from it all
7 videos
Tabitha Yoga sitting crossed legged with New Classes This Month written beside her
The very latest yoga and pilates classes added to Tabitha Yoga On Demand for you to practice this month
4 videos
Pay & Play Classes
one hour full-body yoga /pilates workouts with weights and relaxation
2 videos

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