Tabitha Yoga Online – Payment Policy

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FREE Trial Class

Anyone can try one class for FREE.  All you need to do is to sign in with your email address and you will be directed to today’s FREE Yoga or Pilates class.  Once you have ran your FREE class you will then need to subscribe to a paid membership in order to have access to all the other video Yoga classes, Pilates classes, relaxations and meditations.  This will be a continuously growing library of classes for you to choose from.

Paid subscriptions

In order to access the Yoga and Pilates Class Online Video Gallery, you need to join Tabitha Yoga Online, by creating an account and then you will need to pay via an auto-renewing subscription from the Tabitha Yoga Online Website, the relevant subscription fee, for the term of membership that you choose.  This will be an upfront payment.

Renewals and cancellations

Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period (unless it is a one time only subscription for a particular event). You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time from your account page, simply go to it and changing the settings. If you cancel the subscription you can access the service normally until the end of the billing period, we will not refund the remaining the time.


Any purchases made are final and non-refundable, but if you feel that the service provided has not been as described please contact our Customer Service team at

Pricing changes

Membership subscriptions may vary, we may change the pricing plan at our discretion, these will then be applicable from your next renewal date.  We will try to inform you before any changes so you can modify or cancel your subscription before the changes are made if you do not wish to proceed. We accept no responsibility for any losses you may incur by failing to change your subscription after we have informed you of any changes to the subscription pricing plan.


There may be occasions when we offer limited time promotional prices at our discretion. They may be specific offers targeted at specific people or offers that are available to anyone. Promotional prices will usually be based on one time only purchases and not for any recurring payments. If you make your first subscription under a promotional offer, then, when your Tabitha Yoga Online subscription renews itself after your chosen period has ended, the original price will therefore be charged to your account.

Payment Protection

Tabitha Yoga Online has a SSL certificate and therefore your personal data and payments are protected accordingly.

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