The Perfect Gift - A Three Month Membership to Tabitha Yoga Online

Looking to buy the perfect gift for that someone special in your life? Then look no further.  What better than to give the gift of a healthier and happier lifestyle through a three month all inclusive membership to Tabitha Yoga Online.  When you purchase this amazing membership you will be giving 90 days unlimited access to all of Tabitha's Yoga and Pilates classes, calming relaxations and deep meditations.  The extensive library of classes is growing each month and very soon Tabitha will be adding nutrition advice and a range of How To videos designed to help members maintain their new healthy selves. Go ahead, start their health journey today.

Give The Perfect Gift - A Healthier And Happier Lifestyle With A Three Month Membership To Tabitha Yoga Online

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Three Month Gift Membership
Purchase this 3 month gift membership for your favourite person and give them 90 days access to all of Tabitha's Online Yoga & Pilates classes and much more.
One off payment of £32.97 upfront
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Disclaimer:- Yoga and Pilates are a form of fitness training, whilst they help, they are not a cure for medical ailments, and Tabitha Wright is not a medically qualified professional. If you are feeling at all unwell please seek the advice of a qualified doctor before attempting any physical exercise. If you are pregnant please seek advice from your doctor before starting any classes or any form of physical exercise. Please refer to our Terms Of Use for a more in depth explanation of this disclaimer