Tabitha Yoga On Demand One Week Filler Membership



man stretching while doing online yoga at home


Thank you for choosing to join Tabitha Yoga On Demand One Week Filler Membership. This one week filler membership is designed to fill in whenever you want to fill the gap between your regular classes and it will be valid for 7 days from your purchase.

During your One Week Filler Membership (7 days), you will have unlimited access to all of my pre-recorded Yoga & Pilates video classes and all of my pre-recorded Relaxation and Meditation videos too.  So you can join me on your mat, as many times as you would like to, in as many classes that you would like to.

I will be uploading new videos each month to keep the classes fresh and to keep your minds and bodies working, so you can achieve everything that you want to, from your time spent on your mat.  I look forward to be being part of your journey to look good and feel great!

In order to maintain your safety whilst participating in the classes included in this membership please ensure that you have completed and submitted the Tabitha Yoga On Demand Health Questionnaire

At the end of the Tabitha Yoga On Demand One Week Filler Membership (7 days) your access will expire and you will no longer be able to participate in any of the video classes.

We will, however, offer you an option to renew or upgrade your membership so you can carry on enjoying all my wonderful classes in the Tabitha Yoga On Demand Library without interruption.

Buy This Membership As A Gift

You can also buy the Tabitha Yoga On Demand One Week Filler Membership as a gift for that special person in your life.  All you need to do is tick the Is This A Gift Box below and make your purchase as normal. There’s no need to fill in the health Questionnaire for yourself ( but please just tick the box in order to go through to checkout) and the “fill in the questionnaire” request will be included in the gift recipient’s email.

Once you make your gift purchase the option to send the gift via email will automatically pop up. If you do not wish to send the gift email immediately,  please just send the email to yourself and then you can forward the email on, at the right time and on the right day, to suit you.  If you do not wish to do this you can find all your gift purchase details, including the gift email in your Account > Subscriptions area.

Happy Gifting!